Lemon'd Pepper Pork Tenderloins

Mission Trip 2008. Casper Wyoming.
Three retired adults and Me, the 27 year old.(at the time!)

We cooked food from 0600 till 1300 had a two hour break and were back 1500 till 2100 most nights after clean-up. It was fun and fabulous. I was the only one who had ever ran a commercial kitchen before. Imagine the youngester taking charge?!  hehe

Anyhow, this was our favorite food we cooked, and happened upon on a whim. It was almost our most requested recipe from kids and adults we served.

The camp director had FIVE giant pork tenderloins she ordered, but had NO clue how to cook up. Moose, elk, deer she could do, but PORK? Completely blew her mind. Well, Being that we were FROM North Carolina PIG COUNTRY, we had a few ideas. I scoped the pantry and found lemon pepper unopened! SCORE!!!

Recipe: (from camp)
Pork Tenderloin
Lemon Pepper Seasoning
(directions: sprinkle lemon pepper and salt onto each piece of tenderloin chops, rubbing into meat on both sides. Let sit in fridge for 4-5 hours, cook!)

(remade since camp)
Pork Tenderloin
Freshly Squeezed Lemons
Cracked Peppercorns
Smoked Sea Salt
Roasted Garlic
Grated Lemon Peel

Mix Lemon juice, lemon peel, cracked, ground peppercorns, smoked sea salt, minced roasted garlic into a small bowl.

Slice Tenderloin into pork chop size filets. Brush lemon mixture onto each piece individually, rub solid pieces into pork on both sides. Let sit in container in fridge for four to five hours. Take pork out of fridge, let sit 20 minutes at room temp and proceed on HOT grill. Cook through. Let sit for 3 minutes, plate. DEVOUR.

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TidyMom said...

Oh YUM!! We LOVE pork tenderloin - I'm actually posting a pork tenderloin recipe on monday!!...can't wait to try yours!!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com} said...

Looks good, glad you found the lemon pepper!

Heather said...

Good for you being able to whip something up quickly:) I am impressed. I love lemon on pork:)
(from on the grill)

Robyn said...

Oh this looks delicious. We love pork tenderloin and my husband likes anything with lemon pepper.

Thanks so much for linking up for On the Grill. I hope you continue to share your recipes!

La Maison Reid said...

YUM...pork tenderloin is one of my favorite meats. Can't wait to try this one.
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Happy Weekend