I don't eat chips, normally.
But these chips have been stalking me ever since I arrived in Arizona...

I HAD to try them finally....after finding a small 99c bag of them, they were opened today, two days after purchase.

I am happy to report that there are no more left in the bag. I had some, Chris had some and even Belle liked them.

Those chile limon ones look just as yummy. Actually, almost anything with lime in it is pretty good... except desserts. I like my fruit pure; all by itself or with meat...not with pastry.
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Teresa said...

I think I need to come to Arizona!
They don't have those in the Northwest!
My favorite combo!
Limes and Potatoes!
Life doesn't get ANY better than that!
Have you tried the Tostados with a hint of Lime!

Teresa said...

Hi Jen!
Yes I'm with you on the fresh veggies etc...for healthy eating! And it is not a good feeling when they rot and go to waste!
I feel certain Hungry Girl doesn't have a recipe to go with those fab lime chips! ;o)
We can splurge once and again! Yeah!
Happy Weekend!
Oh...have I told you how much I am DYING for that Kitchen Aid MIXER!!!! Lucky you!